The story of
Tile Market

Where it all started

Tile Market started operations in El Paso, Texas on September of 1996 with the intention of offering the city a new option in the market with finishes for floors and ceramic and porcelain walls. We have recently expanded our business and values to Austin, Texas.

Quality Tiles
You can trust

Why we believe our tiles are the best quality & value

Our inventory mainly consists of ceramic and porcelain tile made in Mexico. These types of tile are suitable for residential purposes. However, porcelain tile is harder than ceramic. Which is why porcelain tile is more likely to be used in high traffic and commercial areas. All our products meet and exceed the international standards and they are all considered first grade. Finished with special coatings, and made from the finest raw materials, our products will inspire creativity on your next project.

Our Values
and why we
stand by them

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a first quality product, with an exclusive design and at an extremely attractive price, as well as comprehensive advice in the selection of the materials required to meet their needs.

Our Vision

We always strive to offer an excellent service in such a way that we surpass the expectations of our clients, together with a constant update in terms of market trends in designs, formats and technological developments.

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